Project Overview


In DEPTHS we suggest a new approach to develop a collaborative learning environment for learning software patterns that uses existing Learning Management Systems (LMSs), domain-specific tools for software modeling and relevant repositories of software patterns available online. All these elements connected together establish an integrated learning framework, called DEPTHS, that supports collaborative learning of software patterns. We propose the use of Learning Object Context Ontology (LOCO) framework as an ontology base for the integration. This is a generic framework capable of formally representing diverse kinds of learning situations (i.e., learning contexts). Accordingly, the framework integrates a number of learning-related ontologies, such as a user model ontology, a learning content ontology, and domain ontologies. In order to fully respond to the above mentioned requirements for high-quality education in the domain of software patterns, we rely on the LOCO framework in the following manner: we use a domain ontology for representing the domain of software patterns and the extended learning context ontology for capturing and representation of learning contexts of different kinds of systems and tools that DEPTHS integrates.